Twisted’s first post!

Hey everyone!  Thanks for coming to “I Will Never Grow!  Yesterday was our website launch date and we are very excited to have our launch coincide with the opening day for the 2nd Annual Field Marshal Games Convention!

We hope to provide you with a fun website to find info on table top gaming of any type.  We will provide Reviews, Tips and How to’s, blogs, the latest news of upcoming games and events.

We are still at our infancy, but we are aiming to provide you with a robust store to allow you to purchase anything you may require for your gaming needs.  This will also include miniatures, board games, tabletop scenery and a wide variety of other gaming accessories!

We are also providing with a place to come and chat with others around the world about tabletop gaming, where you can meet new people, talk about games or events, add friends to your gaming group and so on.

Now I am off to get my butt handed to me on the next game I’m going to play here at the 2nd Annual Field Marshal Games Convention.

Hope you enjoy!

TwistedAries out!