SFR announce The Nightmare for the world of Dragon Dice


March 10th, 2014

SFR Inc., the makers of Dragon Dice and the recently released Daemon Dice, have announced “The Nightmare is coming…

“Haven’t given an update in a while on this, but the tentative date for the Amazon kicker is May 1st! We will start pre-selling them in a few weeks so that you can get them as soon as possible!”

The Nightmare is the final release of long anticipated, once fabled, fifth monsters belonging to the initial five races of Esfah, the world of Dragon Dice.  The first five races only had four monsters added to their ranks with the release of the Monsters and Amazons Kicker Packs in 1995.  The first race to be released with five monsters was the Firewalkers.  Each subsequent race added to the game, whether it be under the original umbrella of TSR or later SFR Inc., included five monsters.

Finally, racial kickers have been added for those first five races, making them available in that format for the first time during Dragon Dice’s publication history.  The Dwarves, (the Vagha) and Goblins (Trogs) acquired their fifth monsters, the Behemoth and Cannibal, respectively when their racial kicker packs became available two years ago.  In 2013 it was the Coral Elves (Selumari) and Lava Elves (Morehl) turn.  The Coral Elves got the Leviathan while their red and black counterparts acquired the Lurker in the Deep.