Class is in Session – Introducing Potions Class

August 11th, 2014

Phantom Nimbus Games has announced Potions Class on The Game Crafter. The game is a combination card and dice game that uses dice in a press-your-luck mechanic that has you trying to complete potions in class before the other players do. You can play it safe, or try to push yourself harder with the chance of everything falling apart.

Potions Class sells for $19.99 and plays in under 60 minutes with 2 to 6 players. The rules are freely available to download.

Press-your-luck to be the first student to pass Potions Class. Roll the dice to score points and craft potions to stay ahead, but be careful—your classmates can brew trouble!

Take a risk and roll the dice in a magical potions class. Complete rounds of potion making to accumulate points and be first to pass the class. Play it safe by earning extra credit along the way or press your luck to finish first and risk flunking out. Craft your own concoctions to jump ahead—may the cleverest student win!