Shadowrun Crossfire Token set released by CorSec

November 22nd, 2014

CorSec Engineering have released a brand new token set. This one is designed to work with Shadowrun: Crossfire. It is sold as a complete set or as individual items.

Complete Crossfire Token Set – $24.99

Set Contains:

8 x Damage Indicators
4 x Health Tokens
4 x Max Health Tokens
20 x 1 Yen Tokens
5 x 5 Yen Tokens

It is also available in individual packs for those who only want part of the set or to expand it.

Health Tokens – $4.99 – This set comes with 4 each of the Health and Max Health tokens

Futuristic Yen Tokens – $14.99 – This set comes with 20 x 1 yen coins and 5 x 5 yen coins. Great for other games as well!

Damage Indicator Set – $4.99 – This set include 4 Damage indicators with card base. Quickly and accurately mark which slot is currently active on objective cards without fear of bumping.