Review : Eldritch Horror – Forsaken Lore




Written by Anatoli on January 3rd, 2015 at Anatoli’s Game Room

I’ve had this expansion for some time but didn’t come around to write a review until now. Which perhaps is a good thing since that means I had the chance to play this expansion a bunch of times.

DSC_0963The main attraction of this expansion is the addition of more Research cards for all ancient ones included in the base game (as well as the addition of Yig, a new ancient one with a snake/poison theme).

Eldritch Horror the base game is a fantastic product and a much better “core game” than Arkham Horror ever was – though  it did lack variety in Research cards which make up a big part of the game. The research stack for each ancient one was so small that you would cycle through the deck several times during one playthrough. Fortunately, this has been fixed with this expansion, the game adds more content where needed. It also adds a couple more “epic event” cards for all ancient ones, adds a couple of new Epic monsters, a handful of artifacts, regular items and also expands the mythos and gate decks.
All in all the expansion does provide an improvement on what was already a good game and I highly recommend getting this expansion.

Now let’s talk about the gaming experience using the new Ancient one Yig. Yig is the god of the “serpent people” and his research deck is filled with dangerous poisoned condition events, snake monster encounters and his mystery deck is also filled with epic monsters and events matching the theme. Poisoned condition is a new condition that has deteriorating effect on players, you will lose health over time when reckoning events kick, more dangerous is the peril is the condition as there are now events that create synergy between crippling conditions and certain research/mythos cards can also boost the damage of being poisoned. Furthermore poisoned blocks the ability to receive health/sanity back from resting, instead you must attempt to remove the poisoned effect first.

Looking at the deck of mystery cards that has to be solved in order to beat Yig, I can say that I like them. There is really only one “super difficult” card which is the “Serpent crown”. It requires players to obtain an artifact card which can be swapped for the Serpent crown, then the player need to have 2 allies to discard when attempting to solve the mystery. This card can be difficult to solve early during a session when you have very little items/allies. Nonetheless I found Yig to be a fun “opponent”. His cultists are also dangerous, as they spawn on active expedition locations when there is a reckoning effect. And as soon as there are 2+ cultists in that location the doom token advances 1 step. This forces players to keep crowd control around such locations – but also consequently makes players visit and resolve expeditions more often than if they would have played against any other ancient one 🙂

In short, this is a very good expansion for a great game.
A highly positive impact on the gameplay means a 9/10. Would FFG decide to include new characters with small expansions and cut the price by some 25% this would have been a 10/10.DSC_0967 DSC_1042 DSC_1057 DSC_0961