Spell: Tabletop RPG up on Kickstarter

June 10th, 2015

Spell is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses dice and lettered tiles to create a completely unique gaming experience. Play as magical characters that can shape reality—and surreality—around them at a whim!

How can using letter tiles to do literally whatever you want possibly be balanced for a roleplaying game? By rooting gameplay to twelve basic character traits and using a dice system for difficulty and conflicts, Spell can have its creativity cake and eat it too. Endless possibility isn’t the same as unmitigated power.

There are only twelve basic stats; new Spells can be cast without cost and particularly cool Spells can be kept forever. This lightweight system makes the game easy to jump into quickly, while still allowing for dynamic growth over long term campaigns.

A simple setting is presented with suggestions for interpretation. There’s no huge backlog of lore or complicated lexicon of terms, but a foundation to easily build complex and intriguing stories from. There’s just enough to inspire a wonderful world uniquely your own.