Bug Hunt Locations expansion for Bug Hunt Corridors released

February 2nd, 2016

Now available from Fantasy Arc are the Bug Hunt Locations and the Bug Hunter’s Box Sets!

The Bug Hunt Locations are seven rooms: Armory, Bridge, Bug Hunter’s Ship, Escape Pod, Engine Room, Hibernation Room, and Laboratory, designed to represent the room tiles from the AVP boardgame. Each room features extra interior details, like engine coils or hyper sleep pods, and the Bridge and Laboratory also include engraved, translucent acrylic computer screens!

The Bug Hunter’s Boxed Set is a new set, containing the seven Bug Hunt Locations and an assortment of Bug Hunt Corridors, that provides everything you need (minus airshafts) to replace the tiles from the ten prepackaged mission layouts in AVP and play them in full 3D! Please note this set does not replace every single tile included in the AVP boardgame, just those required for the ten missions found in the game book.

Not an AVP player? No worries, all of the Bug Hunt Locations are fully compatible with the existing Bug Hunt Corridors and will slot into your current set without trouble. Try adding a location or two to your corridor layout to create interesting and detailed objective points to battle over.