Aegis Studios release Character Companion 2

character compendium 2 herokids

February 4th, 2016

Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED is a supplement created under the Hero Kids Compatibility License and released by Aegis Studios. Inside you will find five new characters for use in your campaign! There are four versions of each character. The first two versions (1 boy and 1 girl) contain stock art along with the description. The third and fourth versions have a white space where the kids can draw their own characters!

Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED contains the following characters, including male and female versions:

  • Catfolk: a humanoid kitten with ferocious claws.
  • Dark Elf: an elf from the lands below, who is a master of the underground.
  • Goblin: an unusual specimen, this goblin has turned to heroic pursuits.
  • Vampire: a hunter who can devour the strength of his enemies.
  • Werewolf: a hero who struggles to use their curse (and the strength it brings) for good.

Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED was written by Travis Legge and Saylor Ashman