Bubblegumshoe RPG coming in June


February 20th, 2016

Evil Hat Productions announced the publication of Bubblegumshoe, a roleplaying game of “teen girl detectives in the vein of Veronica Mars“, developed by Emily Care Boss, Kenneth Hite, and Lisa Steele.

The game, run using a modified version of Pelgrane Press’ GUMSHOE engine, was initially announced in late 2011, when it was described as having the teen’s town be central to the game: “Important game mechanics will focus on defining, revealing, and occasionally reshaping the town by way of its relationship map,” wrote Fred Hicks.

Someone stole my kid brother’s bike…

Someone sabotaged the pep rally…

Someone destroyed the Homecoming queen’s reputation…

The world is full of mysteries. It’s up to your group of intrepid teen sleuths to solve them. In Bubblegumshoe, players step into the shoes of high-schoolers solving mysteries in a modern American small town. Discover clues, solve problems, and throw down with enemies in this streamlined RPG based on the GUMSHOE system.

Bubblegumshoe is expected to be available in June, for $25