Nexus of Power for Star Wars: Force and Destiny

March 20th, 2016

The galaxy is consumed by a struggle between light and darkness. The Jedi, ancient protectors and peacekeepers, have been destroyed, wiped out by the dreaded Sith. However, although the Jedi may be gone, their legacy endures. On planets across the galaxy, ancient temples and strange realms remain hidden from prying eyes. Their secrets await those brave enough to rediscover these vergences of the Force…

Explore the secrets of these places of power with Nexus of Power, now available for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game!

A 144-page hardbound rules supplement with a wealth of useful information about a variety of worlds and vergences that are strong with the Force, Nexus of Power offers all manner of possible directions for your Force and Destiny campaign. Will you travel to these worlds in search of the information contained within their ancient, abandoned temples? Will you risk an encounter with Imperial forces in order to retrieve a kyber crystal from the caverns of Ilum? Will you be changed by a vision you receive during an encounter in Mortis? Will you struggle with the lure of the dark side as you explore the powerful vergence on Ossus?

The locations, player options, and modular encounters introduced in Nexus of Power provide myriad hooks for your Force and Destiny campaign, as well as for any campaign in Edge of the Empire™ or Age of Rebellion™ that also has strong connections to the Force or Jedi relics.