Two new Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures

April 3rd, 2016

Privateer Press has announced two new Iron Kingdoms RPG adventure books; Iron Kingdoms Unleased – Wild Adventure and Iron Kingdoms – Immortality.

In Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Wild Adventure, brave heroes must face the ceaseless perils found in the untamed expanses of western Immoren. And with the new races, careers, equipment, and earth-shaking ritual magic described within, you just might make it out alive.

In Immortality, players must race against time to stop the renegade Abrosim’s bloody path to eternal life. From a hidden temple devoted to Cyriss, the Clockwork Goddess, to a fortress deep in the mountains of Khador, you and your group of adventurers will find yourselves confronted by cultists, warjacks, fanatical servants, and Abrosim himself as you try to stop the madman from becoming more powerful than any mortal might imagine.

Immortality includes the complete adventure as published in No Quarter magazine, three additional scenarios to expand the adventure, the original prologue adventure, “Spirit in Steel” and detailed maps for every key adventure!

IKRPG-Immortality_RGB   IK-Unleashed_Wild-Adventure_cover_Apple