New Thunderbirds RPG and accessories!

April 30th, 2016

Modiphious Entertainment has released a new Thunderbirds Role Playing Game and some accessories for the game.

Thunderbirds fans have already been enjoying  Matt Leacock’s acclaimed Thunderbirds Board Game, where players take on the duties of International Rescue, the secret organisation formed to carry out rescue missions around the globe based on Gerry Anderson’s classic Supermarionation TV series .

Now Thunderbirds The Roleplaying Game is set to take your Thunderbirds gaming experience even further, by using the components of the existing board game to create a quick light roleplaying game  based around the thrilling missions of International Rescue.

  • Uses components from the Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Board Game
  • Based on Matt Leacock’s superb Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Co-Operative Board Game
  • Full character info and stats for all your favourite characters like Scott, Virgil, as well as Lady Penelope, Brains and Parker
  • Control the iconic Thunderbirds team and vehicles, like Thunderbirds 1-4 or Lady Penelope’s iconic pink Rolls Royce FAB 1
  • Tackle a series of thrilling missions, from all corners of the globe, to the depths of the ocean to the vaccum of outer space as you work together to foil the evil machinations of the sinister Hood!
  • The random Thunderbirds Mission Generator deck will help you create exciting missions for your players or help inspire devious new schemes to test your players to the limit!


2 x custom Thunderbirds d6 dice, 56 Page RPG Book, 63 Card Mission Generator Deck