WW2 Mobile artillery and Armoured Trains from Warlord Games!

July 18th, 2016

If you’re a fan of big guns, you’ll be interested in seeing what Warlord Games has for your Bolt Action Miniatures! They have released the 15cm sFH auf Lorraine Schlepper(f), a mobile artillery piece usurped by the Germans after they invaded France.. and a BP-42 Armored Train!

The Lorraine 37L, or Tracteur de ravitaillement pour chars 1937 L (“Tank Supply Tractor 1937 L”), was a light tracked armoured vehicle developed by the Lorraine company pre 1940.

These sets would not only make fantastic (and great looking) objectives but will allow you to develop full scale scenarios for your Bolt Action games. Full rules for Armoured trains can be found in the Bolt Action supplement Germany Strikes pages 99-102.

R037-BP-42-Armoured-Train-Wermacht-1943 WGB-WM-219-15cm-Lorraine-Schlepper-e-600x600