Okumarts Games releases The Anime Hack for The Black Hack

July 30th, 2016

The Anime Hack brings the frantic energy of Japanese animation to the tabletop in an easy to play multi-genre role playing game based on the fantastic Black Hack RPG. Based on the original 1970’s fantasy role-playing game the rules are easy to follow and playable right out of the box. Character creation takes a few minutes and you’ll be playing in no time.

The Anime Hack adds anime flavour, mecha and vehicle rules as well as advice for GMs and players alike who want to play in a world of over-sized eyes, giant robots, katanas, ninjas, weaponized mallets and collectable monsters.

Choose between eight anime inspired classes: Magical Girl/Boy, Mecha Jockey, Monster Collector, Neko, Ninja, Robot, Trenchcoat Samurai, and Wunderkind.

This is a complete game. The Black Hack is not required, but it is awesome and would add a lot to your experience (in life as well as gaming).

Everything needed to swing katanas and go “over 9000” is right here in 45 pages of adventure.