RPGCrate Subscriptions now available

August 1st, 2016

RPGCrate promises fantastic tabletop role playing loot delivered right to your castle steps for $29.89 per month (promising a $70 retail value in each box)!

Subscribers will receive a monthly RPG Crate which may include up to a dozen different products; full modules, maps, dice, miniatures, exclusive adventure settings, and other tabletop role-playing game treasures.

Each month will feature a new theme based on role playing settings such as Dragons, Undead, Vampires, etc.  Occasionally they will have non-fantasy themes, but most months will be based on traditional fantasy role playing.

Focusing on modules, adventure settings, maps, art, and gaming accessories and new Tales From the Bloody Bucket (RPGCrate’s exclusive Adventure Setting).  Every crate will have exclusive content created and distributed ONLY by RPGCrate, some old school material, and/or master crafted relics.  Dice, Miniatures, t-shirts, and other items are also possible.