One Page Rules releases Superheavies and Fliers for 1p40K

August 3rd, 2016

After almost 2 years of requests, One Page Rules finally released one of the most important updates for 1p40k. With this release they are not only introducing Superheavy and Flyer units, but also rules for truly massive games which are still fast and fun!

This release consists of 3 parts:

Apocalypse Rules – These rules were designed with large games in mind, think 3000pts and more. They streamline all aspects of the game to make unit activation quicker, which keeps such huge games manageable. If you really like them you can also use them for much smaller games of course, which will speed them up even more.

Superheavies – Not only are we releasing Superheavy units for some of our existing factions, but we are also releasing a new faction with the Imperial Knights. Due to the nature of these units they can be quite unbalanced, so we recommend telling your opponent before the game that you are bringing a Superheavy so that he can prepare.

Flyers – Zooming in from the skies flyers add an interesting twist to 1p40k. We tried to keep the rules familiar whilst making them balanced, so adding flyers should work well at any game size.