Sea Dog Game Studios releases 15mm shipwrecks


September 3rd, 2016

Does your game or adventure need a glorious wreck? Sea Dog Game Studios  have added a number of shipwrecks to our online store! Our line of shipwrecks will provide the setting you’ve desired for your adventure! These wrecks are created from hand-sculpted master using an open mold, thus the bottom may have small air bubbles inherent to the casting process. The wrecks are cast resin and come unpainted. Minor differences in features or dye color may occur. These wrecks are sculpted to approx. 15MM / 1/100th scale.

Some of these designs may be “scale agnostic” and useable with 25/28mm minis as well. If this is what you are seeking it is suggested to avoid wrecks with obvious doors or deck cannons as these are sculpted in 15mm scale and will seem a bit small for 28. Suggested painting is a matte black spray followed by dry brushed acrylics to bring out all the glorious details!