Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate RPG available now

September 12th, 2016

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a new Wuxia themed fantasy RPG. The book is a pay-what-you-want pricing model (suggested $9.99) and is available now as a watermarked PDF. The system is based on Song Dynasty China, along with various wuxia movies and drama series. Using the game rules, you’ll be able to learn various martial arts techniques, get skills in brewing potions, and become a stealth master. As you travel the world, you’ll come across bandits, demon animals, corrupt officials, and martial arts masters as you work on your own quest of ultimate control of martial arts.

Enter a land of broken hearts and shattered bones, haunted by the legacy of the Demon Emperor. Find adventure and explore a wuxia-infused world of rival sects, blood-stained sabers, ancient manuals, and legendary kung fu masters.

Born high or low, you are a martial hero who can channel internal energy into your weapon—be it a sword, fist, or flywhisk— with dazzling power. Bound across earth, treetop, air and water as you battle your foes. Learn secret kung fu techniques, how to strike at vital pressure points, perform powerful forbidden rituals or brew foul poisons. Face down roaming swordsmen, animal demons, evil officials, and the great masters of the age as your kung fu grows more profound.

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a game of gravity-defying martial artists inspired by wuxia film and drama series. It comes with its own detailed martial arts fantasy setting inspired by Song Dynasty China but can be used in any Ancient Chinese or Wuxia campaign. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate uses the Network System and includes a full selection of martial sects. Over 180 Kung Fu Techniques are provided along with guidelines and tips for helping your game table to develop its own individual Kung Fu techniques and wuxia flavor.