Fragment sci-fi RPG available now, for free!

September 24th, 2016

Fragment is a science fiction roleplaying game where players develop stories about the increasingly complex relationship between machine and human. Available now on DriveThruRPG for free from Imaginary Empire.
Welcome to the Last City.
You are a machine; isolated, discarded and possibly obsolete, stored in the Vaults of the City.  You have been reactivated for an important task and, although you know your Primary Function, you cannot recall the past.  There is a malfunction.  
The memories of your human creators are a part of you, and you may experience a brief fragment of these memories as your ancillary features are gradually restored.
In the meantime you explore what remains of the Last City, navigating hazards and seeking allies, on a journey that will ultimately determine the fate of both humans and machines.
Fragment uses a mix of simple dice mechanics and cards to allow players to create machine characters and slowly reveal their story throughout the course of the game through the memories of their creators. On each level of the city, players draw on a range of suggested elements to describe  the journey of their machines.  They must find a way to defeat or evade powerful enemies who seek to block their progress. As exploration of the city continues, the machines experience more memory fragments, enabling them to restore their ancillary features and grow more powerful.  Players may also choose to reveal their machine’s primary function to access a specified benefit. If they are successful in their task, the machines face an important decision when they reach the apex of the city.  Options are also included for machines who choose to explore the world outside the city.
This is a complete game for 3-6 players (there is no GM), completed within a single session of play.