Watchful I Studio Announces 28mm Terracotta Army

September 28th, 2016

Since the successful Kickstarter launch of Watchful I Studio’s first product range a little over a year ago they continue to add more products to the historic and fantasy themed ancient Chinese army.

With new releases such as Exorcists, Fu Dog riding Palace Guard and the upcoming War Drum Platform and Xing Tian, warrior giant, they plan to launch a full Terracotta Army in early 2017. The Terracotta Army will consist of a myriad of troops such as infantry, cavalry and chariots as well as officers, exorcists, and necromancers to lead them. There will also be new troop types included in the army as well as human versions to continue to flush out the ancient Chinese range.

For a growing collection of painted miniatures as well as 3D sculpts and prints check out the website for more details.

exorcist necromancer-foot-and-mounted xing-tian