First 2 expansion packs for Conan previewed

October 13th, 2016

Conan is coming from Asmodee, with all its seventy-four glorious miniatures, and you’ll soon have your chance to sate your thirsts for blood, gold, and glory.

Designed to offer as thematically accurate an entry into a realm of Hyborian adventure as possible, Conan combines a flexible and muscular combat system with a dramatic narrative framework and first-person perspective. You play as either Conan, one of his heroic friends, or as the vile Overlord, with an army of minions at your disposal.

Two lavishly illustrated double-sided boards grant you access to four different types of iconic locations—swamp village, fortress, pirate ship, and tavern—and the game’s narrative structure allows you to imagine any sort of thrilling adventure. And, soon, to all of this, you will be able to add new figures for both the heroes and Overlord.

The Yogah of Yag hero expansion and Crossbowmen expansion for the Overlord are the first two additions to Conan, and they are scheduled for wide-scale retail release in early first quarter 2017.