Endless Vigil, a new sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny

November 4th, 2016

The Force pulls everyone in a different direction. Some are drawn towards politics and negotiations. Others prefer the front lines of battle, either as fighters in the midst of the fray or generals watching over it. Some choose to meditate and immerse themselves in the flowing Force itself while others travel across the galaxy in search of friends, enemies, artifacts, and answers. And some are drawn to walk the galaxy’s streets, policing villages, cities, and spaceports in secret.

The new Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ sourcebook, Endless Vigil, focuses on that final group of Force users, the urban fighters, protectors, and craftsmen known as Sentinels. And it is now available at North American retailers.

Endless Vigil features three new species and three new Sentinel specializations. It includes an entire chapter on bringing urban environments to life in your games, from new ways to resolve dice results to starter ideas for investigative campaigns. In this final preview, we’ll look at what Endless Vigil has to say about creating contact networks (vital in any urban setting), its new rules for lightsaber crafting and, of course, the new Force power.