New Dr Who miniatures range set to explode in the Warlord Games store!

November 6th, 2016

Materialising soon in the Warlord Games’ store – the much-anticipated first monsters for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game range: the shape-changing Zygons and the fearsome Judoon.

Able to metamorphose into replicas of other living organisms and fire electrical charges from their hands that can stun or disintegrate those it touches, the Zygons were stranded on Earth centuries ago. The Zygons have a mission to take Earth as their new home after Zygor, their homeworld, was destroyed in The Time War.

Single-minded in their pursuit of the law, these black armoured Rhinoceroid bipeds serve as a mercenary intergalactic police force affiliated to the Shadow Proclamation. Known for their strict adherence to the law and their brutish application of it, the Judoon have been harshly but accurately described by the Doctor as logical but stupid.

The Doctor Who range is due to explode, with all of the Doctors, all Companions, and as many additional expansion packs as we can muster… already available are the Tenth and Twelfth Doctor sets – each with four companions: