Playford Games releases Ancient Conflict Treasure Chest game collection

November 6th, 2016

Playford Games, publisher of Cartography® and ILIOS, have released a massive 11-game treasure trove of classic and modern strategy board games based on ancient times.

A well-thought-out games collection for 2-4 players Players can choose from classics like Checkers (English Draughts), Egyptian Seega, and Roman Latrunculi, or can play newly devised games by contemporary game designers, such as Playford’s flagship Cartography® and ILIOS. These beautifully made games with wooden board and tiles challenge strategy skills and promote social interaction between players. They’re easy and quick to learn for adults and children alike. They’re also very compact, using many of the same tiles in different configurations for the various games, so storage needs are minimal and there’s great portability for family vacations and travel.

“The greatest thing about this set of games is that it just keeps on giving,” said Dave Stennett, President of Playford. “Playford continually develops new games that work with the game components already in the box. In the near future players will be able to either purchase an expansion pack or simply download the rules and start playing with the tiles and disks they already have.”

A huge compendium like this with rules that are easy to grasp can become a focal point for holidays and family get-togethers. Everyone, from grandparents to school children, can get involved and have fun with games that encourage co-operation, competitiveness and interpersonal skills in a safe and friendly environment. The collection offers a variety of strategy games, with elements of luck in some, to suit players of different skill levels. There are no long time commitments – it takes only 10-40 minutes per game, and players can choose how heavy or light they want each game to be. Two of the games in the collection have been successfully backed by crowd-funding investors in the online Kickstarter campaigns and have proven to be popular with experienced gamers and newcomers alike.