Kushite Witch Hunters expansion previewed for Conan

November 18th, 2016

The much-lauded Conan board game by Monolith is scheduled to arrive at retailers on Wednesday, November 23rd. With its muscular combat system, lavishly illustrated game boards, and seventy-four highly detailed miniatures, Conan is a massive game, and it’s loaded with opportunities for you and your friends to embark upon authentic Hyborian adventures.

You’ll fight Stygian necromancers, Pict warriors, and giant snakes. You’ll encounter dark demons while trying to steal legendary gems. You’ll throw yourself into the middle of pirate fights. And you’ll forge your legend in a world of Hyborian swords and sorcery.

With its varied scenarios, Conan casts your games into the thick of thrilling narratives. You’re never just battling for the sake of battling; there’s always something at stake. There’s always a novel twist to compel you deeper into the action. And these narratives and twists continue to grow with the game’s expansions—like the Kushite Witch Hunters and Dice Pack—each of which adds new variety and potential to your adventures.

The Overlord gains more of both swords and sorcery with the Kushite Witch Hunters. Its four distinctive miniatures, each of which comes with its corresponding unit tile, allow you to push the heroes to their limits with powerful spells and precision strikes.

  • As a powerful spell caster, the sorcerous Shubba can loose your vengeance upon the heroes with any spells you give him, and his concentration ability ensures that he’ll never find his spell casting hindered by the heroes’ interference.
  • Shubba’s allies, Shafiah and Ghayoor, are skilled warriors whose attacks of two orange dice are deadlier than the heroes might expect. This is because they both have the precision strike ability which effectively allows their attacks to ignore the first point of a hero’s armor. Meanwhile, their loyalty to the sorcerer is unquestionable, as both are willing to sacrifice themselves in his defense, if such a sacrifice should ever prove necessary.
  • The deadliest of the expansion’s three melee warriors, Afari pairs his solid defense and brutal attack with the ability to counterattack. Whenever he faces one of the heroes’ melee attacks, Afari can immediately retaliate by attacking with a single red die. While this attack isn’t as powerful as a swing from his wicked blade, it still benefits from Afari’s precision strike ability, and he can perform this counterattack multiple times in a turn—if the heroes are foolish enough to test themselves against his skills!