CMoN and Mandoo Games to publish Banana Bandits

November 19th, 2016

Banana Bandits is going to be published by Cool Mini or Not and Mandoo Games sometime in Q2 2017.

The leadership of the Banana Bandits Gang is up for grabs… somewhat literally. Every one of the members of the gang wants to be that leader. But only the most skilled will be raised to that position. In order to show their prowess, these banana-loving gorillas are going to have to collect Gorilla Coins, and be quick about it. That’s the story behind Banana Bandits.

The game includes a unique 3D Banana Bank Tower as the centerpiece. Players will have their gorillas climbing up and down the sides of the building, looking to grab banana coins. When they get a match pair, they can turn them into a golden Banana Coin.