New Angeles opens for business in the Android Universe.


November 29th, 2016

Ready your android workforce. New Angeles opens for business this week!

Set in the not-too-distant future of the Android universe, New Angeles is the highly immersive board game of bluffs, bribes, negotiations, blackmail, and unfettered corporate greed for four to six players. You and your friends each take charge of one of the world’s largest megacorps, entrusted by your stakeholders with the sacred obligation to transform their unfathomable riches into even larger and more unfathomable riches.

The quest for capital is everything… but you’ll need to balance your immediate interests against the token efforts you’ll make to keep the city of New Angeles running smoothly. After all, the freedoms afforded to your corp—and the others—by the city’s Special Economic Zone must be protected. If the city were to plunge into chaos, the U.S. government might intervene. And that would be bad for your bottom line.

Which path will lead you to the greatest profit? Whatever course you follow, you will need to know when to strike deals, when to support other corporations, when to undercut your rivals, and when to put in a good-faith effort toward maintaining peace in the city. Balancing these matters will require a good deal of vision, and it also helps to have a firm understanding of the rules.