Beyond the Threshold expansion for Mansions of Madness previewed

December 4th, 2016

The first full game expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition, Beyond the Threshold, is nearing its release.

With a pair of investigators new to Mansions, four Thralls that may take the place of those you thought you knew, and a collection of six double-sided map tiles, Beyond the Threshold is full of new ways to experience the game. On top of the new characters, creatures, and areas to explore, the new expansion also introduces ever-moving map tiles as well as key tokens, marking mysterious items which may help or hurt you in the long run. Add those features to new spells, conditions, and damage and horror effects, and you’ll be able to experience the two brand-new scenarios as well as your old favorites in new and unexpected ways.


Featuring two new investigators, one new monster type, and dozens of cards and tokens, this expansion integrates seamlessly with the existing components and scenarios. These components introduce both new gameplay elements and unique insanity effects for the investigators who were unable to bear the terror. Two brand new scenarios will become available with Beyond the Threshold, leading to countless hours of suspenseful investigation and thrilling terror.