Abandon Planet in it’s last week on Kickstarter!


December 5th, 2016

From the creator of The Resistance and Avalon, Abandon Planet is a new game about escaping the meteor apocalypse.

It’s an experience of survival, betrayal, and fragile alliances in the moments before Earth is annihilated. Anyone who doesn’t want to die on the soon-to-be-burning rock will have to team up with a partner to outfit their janky rocket transport for the interplanetary jump. But everyone’s looking out for number one, and alliances can change at any time.

Each round players secretly decide which direction to send their rocket. They reveal their choices simultaneously, and then take turns flying out to the remaining chunks of earth, to pick up what they need or steal it from each other. This would all be safe and pleasant if it weren’t for the deadly meteor that will strike at the end of the round, drastically altering the map and damaging any rockets in its path. One player knows in advance where the meteor will hit, but depending on who they choose to share that information with … well, let’s just say you learn who your friends are pretty quick in a meteor apocalypse.

Abandon Planet is the latest work by Don Eskridge, and it’s easily his most involved undertaking. Don is the creator of two other successful smart party games, The Resistance and Avalon. So he knows a thing or two about keeping players excited and engaged through simple rules and a focus on exploring unique, intense player interactions.