Shintiara RPG is live on Kickstarter


December 12th, 2016

Shintiara Role-playing Game is now on Kickstarter!

There are a ton of RPG, but few drop you into a fantasy world within the Event Horizon. In Shintiara, time is broken and magic blends seamlessly with technology. You play the game as one of the “The Recruited” – enlightened heroes who battle throughout many time paradoxes to save their world. Shintiara is built on a evolution of the classic d100 systems, the Modern d100, that enables fast-paced action and vivid narration. Make your way through the beautifully illustrated Rulebook as you encounter a host of original characters and beings.

Achieve great power, collect knowledge, embrace your fate choosing between Cosmos and Void, the survival or the destruction of the planet itself! The future of Shintiara is in your hands!

Learn more about this epic gaming experience on Kickstarter