Red Republic Games release Dextarius for Arena Rex

December 20th, 2016

Dextarius with his riding Ywain has been released for Arena Rex by Red Republic Games.

A prize-winning draft and show animal, Dextarius was a gift to Ywain; a luxe reminder that the man himself was at best a display piece or burden in Imperial politics. While the massive creature lacks the agile hooves and speed preferred by legionary riders, his agile mind and sheer brawn make him a terror in the arena. With a great weight of armor added to so much horse,  any charge is certain to be decisive.

Sculpture credit belongs to Patrick Masson, illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Dextarius is a Beast. Beasts may be included in your cohort normally or may be placed in the arena as a living hazard.

The resin Dextarius miniature is supplied unassembled with an optional riding Ywain, alongside a plastic 50mm Arena Rex base, activation token, art card, and game card.