Asmodee announces the Unlock! series of games


December 26th, 2016

Asmodee is proud to announce Unlock!, a series of 3 cooperative card-based escape adventures from Space Cowboys.

Each Unlock! game consists of sixty cards depicting objects, maps, and puzzles that can be activated, solved, or combined in an effort to access other cards and areas. Up to six players work cooperatively to solve each of the riddles and get through the deck within sixty minutes. The free companion app tracks the time allotted to win the game, while also offering hints and unlocking new, and necessary, elements. When the players believe they have figured out the code to escape each adventure, they will input the number into the app and escape the danger, or lose even more time in finding the real sequence.

Look for all three of these Unlock! adventures in the series’ first release during Quarter Two of 2017.

In the meantime, Android users can get a taste of the Unlock! system with a demo of the game, available here. You can download a beta version of the app for Android, the full game rules, a get-started guide, the game tutorial, and a limited-duration adventure, The Elite. Enjoy!

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