Dixit: Revelations available now!


December 30th, 2016

Delay your epiphanies no longer, the imaginative inspiration of the newest expansion for Dixit has finally surfaced from the realm of dreams. Dixit: Revelations is now available at your local retailer from Asmodee!

From esteemed French illustrator and visual animation developer Marina Coudray, Dixit has never been more vivid or expressive than with the addition of these beautifully illustrated and modern-styled cards. Discover whole new worlds where the classic and the fantastical mesh and mold within the digitized world of modern technology. Influenced by art movements of the early twentieth century, your games of Dixit will delve into pivotal artistic revolutions including Cubism, Surrealism, Art Deco, and more. The timelessness of the illustrations in Revelations introduces a never-before-seen approach to the interpretative deduction of the beloved Dixit.