Deus Egypt now available from Asmodee


January 2nd, 2016

Deus fans rejoice: Deus Egypt is now available at your local retailer! Expanding on one of the most engaging civilization-building games of 2014, Deus Egypt adds all-new strategy and game play to the immersive world of Egypt.

Taking players to the ancient lands built along the fertile Nile river, Deus Egypt introduces the all-important aspect of river trading to your games of Egypt. With ninety-six new building cards, players can customize their games of Deus by replacing the base game’s decks in a variety of combinations with those new cards found in Deus Egypt. The new market tile, scribe tokens, combat tokens, and barque tiles add even more depth to your games, and invite you to find all the new and exciting combinations possible with the now twelve different building decks.