Bruxelles 1893 re-released by Asmodee

January 12, 2017

The Art Nouveau style is rising in late nineteenth-century Brussels, and now’s your chance to become one of the founders of modern art: Bruxelles 1893, a modern classic of board gaming from Asmodee Games, is now back in print and available at your local retailer!

Bruxelles 1893 invites you to take on the role of an artist / architect in Belgium during the last years of the 1800s. A new style of art is growing, built on towers of flowing curves and intricate lines, and you just might be one of the few who gets to define this new genre of art. In every game, you must create beautiful works of art and construct soaring buildings. Some may garner you Belgian francs, but to make your mark on the ages, you’ll need more victory points than any of your opponents at the end of five rounds.

On each turn in Bruxelles 1893, you face a thrilling abundance of choices, giving you multiple paths to pursue to victory. One arena of action is defined by the Art Nouveau board. Changing fortunes may adjust which actions are available on the Art Nouveau board, but this is where you’ll create new masterpieces in your workshop and where you’ll sell your artwork for francs and victory points. It also gives you a place to gain new materials, construct powerful buildings that can give you a bonus across all future rounds, or even attain a noble patron to support your involvement in the arts. 

Even as you labor to create the future of the artistic world on the Art Nouveau board, you’ll also send your assistants into Brussels to perform invaluable tasks on your behalf. Sending an assistant to the Stock Exchange can earn you some vital capital, the marketplace at Place Sainte-Catherine is ideal for gathering materials, and the Grand Plaza is the perfect place to find more public figures who are willing to support your artwork. You must be careful, however—the police of Brussels are always on the watch for assistants shirking their duties, and they have no scruples about locking them up. 

With plenty of paths to victory and a surplus of clever and innovative mechanics, Bruxelles 1893 is a premier game for the collection of any strategic board gamer. What will you create as Art Nouveau is born on the streets of Belgium? Pick up your copy of Bruxelles 1893 at your local retailer today!