Kiwetin launches on Kickstarter today!


January 17th, 2017

Gary Paitre and Thomas Filippi of Flyos Games, have launched Kiwetin,  a  new, simple and aesthetic, fast-paced board game.

Game lovers familiar with the roll to move and the card action game mechanics will enjoy the gorgeous artwork, the high level quality of the sleek sleeve box and the characters miniatures.

Kiwetin has been blind play tested by over 50 people across the world, and reviewed by ten professional reviewers so far. It launches on Kickstarter with the full art and design complete.

  • “The game feels like an experience: beautiful, dreamy, and elegant. Its whimsical setting comes through as you play the game and engrosses you.” (Chris James, Casual games Revolution)
  • “Kiwetin is a beautiful game with a unique style, it gives a breath of fresh air to the “roll to move” element and makes it fun once again.” (Michael J. Wright, Unfiltered Gamer)
  • “Rarely have I seen board games that can merge light and quick with content(…)Kiwetin is a game that could potentially recreate the idea of strategy.” (Joseph Nicolas, IndieTableTop)

The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at 35$CAD. + Shipping.

Kiwetin is a simple and addictive fast-paced board game for 2-6 players aged 7 and up and plays in under 20 minutes.

You will play as one of the three forest spirits. Your character’s caliber affects the way you move on the board. The randomly placed action tiles offer a unique experience during each game but, beware of whirlwinds because you might turn everything upside down! Use the Rune cards to turn things in your favor, or simply annoy your friends.