Troyes and Ladies of Troyes available now!

February 19th, 2017

Troyes and the Ladies of Troyes expansion is available now from Asmodee!

The game of Troyes places each player as the head of a prominent family in the medieval city of Troyes, where your family’s ties allow you to explore many avenues of influence and prosperity. Place citizens in your employ in the three main seats of power within the city: the Palace, the Bishopric, and City Hall. Players receive dice for each citizen hired to represent them in these locations, and these dice allow your house to vie for prominence in the city and assist in the construction of Troyes Cathedral. Each player will need to choose their strategy wisely in order to gain an advantage over the competition and by earning victory points to win the game and secure a lasting legacy.

Many great figures rose to prominence over the course of Troyes’ storied history, and the Ladies Of Troyes expansion celebrates three particularly interesting female leaders from the city’s past: Jeanne de Champagne, Isabeau de Baviere, and Marie de Champagne. Each of these three powerful leaders is available as a central figure for your household, and they offer new ways to craft your endgame strategy.

The Ladies of Troyes expansion also includes a versatile purple die that cannot be bought by your competitors, a new set of activities that can be activated by patrolling the city walls, and new Activity and Event cards to be used with the base game.