Z-Man Games Announces Akrotiri Revised


March 4th, 2017
Z-Man games have released a Revised Edition of Akrotiri with a variety of minor improvements and tweaks!

Since Akrotiri debuted in 2014, designers Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim have received lots of feedback from the game’s many devoted fans. Hardly content to rest on their laurels, Jay and Sen-Foong tested various minor improvements they wanted to make to their design. When it became time for a reprint, it provided an excellent opportunity for them to incorporate a few subtle tweaks in this revised edition.

In addition to an updated rulebook, the point values on a few of Akrotiri’s goal cards have been adjusted for balance purposes. For example, for each temple a player has on an island with at least three different Terrain icons, the card’s owner gains three points (previously six points). Also, for each temple a player has on an island with no Terrain icons, the card’s owner gains four points (previously three points). Although slightly different, the goal cards still remain secret, keeping everyone guessing about who could be in the lead at any moment.

The revised edition of Akrotiri is available at your local retailer now