Android: Netrunner, Station One Available Now

March 30th, 2017

Things happen fast on the Net. Inconceivably fast. Runners have been known to encode duplicate minds or offload life-saving processes to secondary subroutines just to keep up with the constant barrage of data they encounter whenever they jack in.

But outside of the Net, speed can still be measured. The mag-lev delivering vital supplies from Bradbury’s Station One terminal to AgInfusion’s newest arcology still travels at a rate measured in kilometers per hour. It may be a couple hundred kilometers per hour, but its measurable nonetheless.

And in the time it takes to move people and goods outside of the Net, everything is vulnerable. In the space between the MCA’s forces barracked in Bradbury and the PriSec guarding Jinteki’s arcologies, a mag-lev carrying priceless components is vulnerable to Clan agitators, entrepreneurial Criminals, or even rival corporate interests. And as it waits for Earth-manufactured tech to fortify its defenses, an arcology is just as vulnerable to Crimson Dust attacks against its envirodome as it is to runner incursions into its servers.

Now, the sixty new cards (three copies apiece of twenty unique cards) in the newest Data Pack for Android: NetrunnerStation One—on sale today—have arrived to give Runners and Corps alike new ways to exploit these vulnerabilities!