Trade & Troll Launches April 25th

April 21st, 2017
Long ago, in a remote village at the edge of the kingdom, lived a Troll. This Troll roamed the streets demanding a toll from any traveller he met; if they refused to pay, he would steal their trousers. 
One day the Troll stopped a merchant travelling along the road. As usual, he demanded the merchant pay the toll in order to pass undisturbed otherwise he would steal his trousers. The merchant, who was very cunning, made the Troll a proposal…Welcome to Trade & Troll! 
Good & Evil Games is proud to announce its first Kickstarter projects: Trade & Troll, launching on Kickstarter April 25th!
Trade & Troll is a European-style game about commerce, resource management and bidding. The game has been developed by Emanuele Buffagni & Giulio Torlai and has been fully illustrated by Monica Bauleo.
2-6 players, 45-90 minutes, ages 14+
Trade & Troll is set in a fantasy kingdom, where each player represents a merchant whose goal is to arrange an efficient production line from the collection of basic resources to their manufacturing and consequent trading in market stands. During the game, players’ main goal is to enlarge their trading company, gathering different Resources to sell in their Stalls and creating Markets combining different Stalls. To connect one building to another, players must cobble new roads, but beware! Your opponents may use your roads as well for their trades!
Unfortunately, things become more complicated as a Troll arrives in the village and your rivals start offering him money to block your routes! Get control of him and you will be able to block your opponents’ trade routes! In many ways, the game is a balancing act. You have to think about what you want to do, how you’re going to do it and how many coins you’re going to invest on it.