Z-Man Games Announces the Release of Valletta

April 30th, 2017

Z-Man Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Valletta, an intriguing game of strategic planning to create a great Mediterranean city.
The Order of Malta has laid the first stone of what will become the capital of Malta, and you are one of many who have been entrusted with overseeing its construction. Seamlessly blending elements of deckbuilding, worker placement, and resource management games, Valletta beckons two to four players to return to 1566 and contribute to the construction of this powerful city.
Combining the addictive progression of a deckbuilder with the deep strategy of resource management, Valletta presents an innovative blend of styles. With so many projects to complete and important officials on hand, the city’s construction creates a golden opportunity for enterprising builders to make their mark and improve their standing. But you must start at the bottom if you’re going to make your way to the top.