Tradewars: Homeworld Launched on Kickstarter

May 8th, 2017

Outer Limit Games launches their 2nd title, Tradewars – Homeworld: Exterra Edition, a 1-4 player deck-building space combat game involving asymmetric powers and resource management. Each player represents one of the remaining four Terran factions (mega-corporations) in the galaxy, who compete to increase their faction’s wealth and defend their homeworlds.

The game’s core is built around a refreshing approach to the deck-building mechanic, where each player selects 1 of 10 different roles during their turn, which adds more depth, strategy, and meaningful decision-making to the game.

At the beginning of each game, 1 of 3 Scenarios are chosen, which determine the victory conditions of each game: Tradewars, Spacewars, and The Derelict!

The core game is going for $29, and the premium edition is going for $39, which adds custom dice and the Planetary Expansion, which includes an additional 140 cards. Shipping is free to the US, CA, DE, and UK.