Grunt Games Announces Lewt Ninja

May 15th, 2017

Grunt Games has announced their new card game, Lewt Ninja, releasing in the fall of 2017.

If you have played any Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft, Rifts, or Star Wars the Old Republic then you have more than likely created many characters and adventured across the virtual lands of these fantasy universes. During visit to these fantasy worlds you have more than likely have ventured into one of the many dungeons in search of powerful weapons and artifacts for your character. In the early days of these games there were some players who went into these dungeons with the purpose of gathering up all of the loot for themselves even if they couldn’t use the items. The community dubbed these players as ninjas. While the creators of these worlds have since placed new mechanics and features into the looting systems of their games and decreased the hardships of players from losing out on acquiring the sought after items for their characters; a new game company is looking at the past to inspire a new card game for gamers to play.

Grunt Games LLC is the recent startup game development company by Dewayne Cameron and is based out of Grovetown Georgia. A retired U.S. Army veteran and most recently a game designer who worked developing learning games and simulators for the U.S. military. . Founded in July of 2016 Grunt Games is has been developing a table top card game which is to launch in the Fall of 2017. Lewt Ninja the title of the game was inspired by Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) looting system and the sub-cultural references to players who are known for taking items and gear from other players. In the game of Lewt Ninja 2 to 5 players can play as one of the five hero characters classes that come with the game. Each of the classes has special abilities that will help defend against or steal loot away from the other members of your group.

boxfront-1Players will use three different decks; the Monster, Loot, and Player decks. Players draw monster cards to determine how much loot will be dropped for players to roll on. Monsters have also have special abilities that can affect how each round can be played by either changing how loot is decided or to what cards can be played or not played during the round.

Once a monster has been revealed players will then reveal the loot dropped by the monster. Players try to win and collect all 8 pieces of their hero’s armor in order to win the game. At the same time they will try to deny the other members of their group from gaining their armor pieces. Even if a player doesn’t get all of their armor they still have a chance to win the game by winning all of the loot they possibly can.

To win loot players will lay down roll cards that have numeric values, the player with the highest value wins the loot. But winning the roll doesn’t mean you have won the round. Players can then play special cards that will allow them to steal or even block another player from stealing loot.

In addition to the normal game play Lewt ninja has two other game modes; Legendary and Vote to kick. In legendary mode players will need to collect their characters hero eight piece armor set as well as their hero’s weapon. In Vote to kick mode players are booted from the game when they lose three pieces of their characters 8 piece armor set to other players. Lewt Ninja is a standalone game that includes 189 cards …everything that 2-5 players need for endless hours of treasure stealing, back stabbing fun!