Revenge of the Blank now Live On Kickstarter

May 20th, 2017

Despicable Games LLC announces it’s first despicable game, “Revenge of the Blank

Revenge of the Blank is a simple party game. One person in this game called “The Judge” reads a prompt. Everyone else then writes a response on their own whiteboard. After all the responses have been submitted the Judge picks their favorite. They then give the card to the player who wrote the winning response. The player to the left of the Judge becomes the new Judge and the game continues like this until all the cards dealt out at the start of the game have been awarded. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

With three questions on each card, you should never have to ask a lame question. Because of the whiteboards you don’t have predefined responses that don’t fit the question like in many other games. In-jokes, friends, enemies or even events that have just happened can become answers. The same answers can be used over and over leading to some very funny running jokes. You can even draw an answer. Which in the end leads to a ton of laughs, many groans, few gasps and possible some interesting discussions.

Some examples of prompts from the game:

______ is the worst thing to hear the paramedics say on the way to the hospital.

And the award for ______, goes to ______.

What is something you can say at a zoo, but not about your partner?

I suffer from (Pick 3 Letters), which stands for ______.

A fortune teller once told me I would live a life full of ______.

I have just rededicated my life to the study of ______.

Little known fact: ______.

If (Name Someone) had a theme song, it would be ______.

Create a shopping list of 2 or more items, that when purchased together, might confuse or alarm the cashier.

Revenge of the Blank is a game for 3-8 players, but can handle more with a second copy or by forming teams. Game length is adjustable, by increasing or decreasing the amount of cards dealt to each player at the start of the game. The average game plays in about 45 minutes. Suggested retail price for the base game is $25 and $10 for each 50 card expansion.