Z-Man Games Announces Smile the Card Game

May 22nd, 2017

Z-Man Games is pleased to announce Smile, a card game for three to five players about rounding up the critters worth the most points. Armed with firefly-filled jars, you and your rivals spread out in search of the lost critters, each hoping to lure as many as you can. But be careful not to lure any wild critters by mistake! They look very similar to your tamed ones, but capturing them gives you negative points. Your goal is to be surrounded by a collection of cute little smiling creatures no matter what—just make sure to get the right ones!
Dusk is falling and your critters have escaped their enclosure! You only have a few hours to rescue as many as you can before they cause all sorts of mischief. Fortunately, critters will do anything for a big juicy lightning bug. It’s time to fill your jars with fireflies and head into the forest.
Smile is a game of making bold bids and crafting devious plots to claim the critters worth the most points. With the critters out of their enclosure, you have a golden opportunity to round up the best ones for yourself. But keeping them out of the other players’ hands won’t be easy. Choose when to make your move and when to hold back if you want to claim the cutest critters as your own.

During each of the game’s ten rounds, critter cards equal to the number of players are revealed from the deck. Players then compete to lure the available critters by offering up fireflies. On their turn, each player can choose to either stay in the round or bow out and collect a card with at least one firefly on it. To stay in the round—and remaining in the hunt for the most valuable critters—you must place a single firefly on the creature with the lowest value. As a result, dropping out of the round means settling for fewer points while gaining all the fireflies on the card you take.