Z-Man Games Updates Components for Ricochet Robots

May 27th, 2017

Guiding robots to their destination by bouncing them off walls and past obstacles just got an upgrade.

That’s right: the latest printing of Alex Randolph’s Ricochet Robots makes several improvements to the components. The game retains the same addictive gameplay, now with higher quality components that enhance the experience for veteran and new players alike.

With the most recent printing of Ricochet Robots from Z-Man Games, players can plot the robots’ trajectories across every board released for the game thus far. These eight two-sided boards can be combined for over 1,500 board configurations, providing unique challenges for every game. To increase their durability, the boards in the most recent printing are thicker than before. This update makes each board more sturdy and better able to withstand wear-and-tear.