Raxxon Evacuation Kits Appearing in the Wild – New Dead of Winter Game On The Horizon?

July 13, 2017

The Dead of Winter Universe keeps growing and growing! A new Dead of Winter game is being teased using mysterious packages and a website for Raxxon Pharmaceuticals.

An unannounced new game linked to Jonathan Gilmour and Isaac Vega’s zombie survival hit has begun to pop up on Twitter and Facebook, with a number of people that are in some way linked to the franchise posting images of a ‘Raxxon survival/evacuation kit’.

The image of these kits clearly shows a black box that describes “A game by J. Arthur Ellis” (who manages the play testing for publisher Plaid Hat Games) and features the words “Set in the world of Dead of Winter”.

The boxes come complete with a letter from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals, stating “Raxxon invites you to partner with us and save the human race”.

website for Raxxon has also appeared, teasing team members and making reference to a zombie outbreak. A link at the bottom of the site links to a fake command line interface, which requests a password and displays Bloody Munchies, the cereal from the Dead of Winter when left to idle. Using the link and the password, bloodymunchies, then accesses a directory of files, none of which grant more details on the new game. There are, however, further easter eggs if you dig into the files or leave the unlocked command line to idle again.

Surely we will hear more about this mysterious new game sooner, rather than later, with GenCon right around the corner.