Z-Man Games Announces a New Edition of Through The Desert

August 8, 2017

Z-Man Games is proud to announce Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert will be joining the Euro Classics line of games!

Fans of Through the Desert got their first taste of the game when it was originally released to critical acclaim in 1998. Now, Dr. Knizia’s beloved classic sports an updated look that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike when it is released later this year.

The vast, arid expanses of the desert are as mysterious as they are treacherous, incapable of supporting life for long.  As a Tuareg trader, you lead your caravans across the sweeping sand dunes of Northern Africa, seeking to secure access to as many precious water sources as you can. In Through the Desert, two to five players venture across this inhospitable landscape, expanding their caravans ensure that their tribe is the one that controls the trade in the Sahara.

In addition to the new board, Through the Desert provides new gameplay variants that will keep your group coming back for more. By selecting different variants players can adjust the order in which caravan leaders are placed, or obscure everyone’s score by keeping the waterhole tokens you collect facedown. Whatever way you choose to play, Through the Desert will surly to be a journey to remember.


The desert is an unforgiving environment, but it is still your home. Leading your tribe across these vast, arid expanses takes courage. Only those brave and clever enough to rise to the desert’s challenge will survive.

Mount your camel and forge your path in Through the Desert, arriving soon!