Plaid Hat Announces Specter Ops: Broken Covenant

Oct 1, 2017

From prolific designer Emerson Matsuuchi comes the next thrilling installment in the Specter Ops universe. Return to the innovative and engaging hidden movement game play of the original Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel with Specter Ops: Broken Covenant!

In Specter Ops: Broken Covenant, a lone A.R.K. agent must attempt to infiltrate a  scientific facility hidden away deep within the jungles of South America and long abandoned by Raxxon.  With the help of advanced equipment supplied by A.R.K., as well as their own unique ability, they must retrieve three mission targets and escape. Each turn, the agent player will secretly mark their position on the game board as they work their way closer to the mission targets scattered throughout the facility . In addition to equipment cards and unique ability, the agent can use a series of supply caches on-site to complete their objective.