I Will Never Grow Up was founded in early 2012 as a resource and community for big kids and tabletop gamers of all genres.

Stone Age SelfieWe are devoted to publishing the most recent and relevant tabletop gaming news, views, reviews and previews about all facets of the tabletop gaming hobby, as often and with as much detail as we possibly can, in an easy to read, easy to search format. Our entirely volunteer staff scours the internet daily looking for any relevant news to share. In addition we also recieve press releases on an almost daily basis from the industry and share those with you as well.

The guys at I Will Never Grow Up are all avid tabletop gamers, just like you, willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with anyone!
We are also co-organizers of a local annual Tabletop Gaming Convention (Field Marshal Gaming Convention) where we share our love of games with attendees.

We are committed to our goal and will continue provide as much information as possible through up to date, relevant gaming news, helpful hobby tips and guides, full fledged and honest reviews, an active social community (forums, Facebook, Twitter and more), blogs and products, all to make your gaming experience that much more interesting and informed: all in one location! Your one stop shop for everything Tabletop!

We hope to be there for you every step of the way through your Tabletop Gaming experience!

Our Mission

I Will Never Grow Up Gaming is a small, passionate company devoted to everything tabletop gaming. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming is committed to the highest quality standards in reporting, design, publishing, game play, and customer service. Our mission is Creation, Community and Contribution


I Will Never Grow Up Gaming is in the business of reporting on, designing and publishing games that we think are fun, creative and engaging. As fantatical gamers ourselves we strive to provide the highest quality in all aspects of the business.


I Will Never Grow Up Gaming recognizes that the tabletop gaming community is full of phenomenal people who enrich our lives and the lives of many others. The community is incredibly giving, nurturing, honest, fanatical and, above all, comprised of amazingly friendly people. We are committed to furthering, aiding and uniting that community in every way possible.


The Tabletop Gaming community is one of immense contribution, whether charitable, collaborative or giving. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming is committed to be among the leaders on this front and we will use our influence, resources, talents and knowledge to help others within and outside of the community wherever and whenever possible without expectations of reward or recognition.

THE THREE STOOGES of I Will Never Grow Up Gaming

James (Rorschach) is an old school, Pen and Paper Role Player, long time board gamer and mild video gamer.  He has yet to meet a game he has not enjoyed.. at least a little bit! Self proclaimed refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures.  Jack of All Games, Master of none!

 Hyper-organized, James works hard to make sure I Will Never Grow Up Gaming runs like a well oiled machine as Webmaster and Social Media Guru.

James has over 15 years experience in the digital and print media industry and several years experience in advertising layout and web design.

Ken (Twisted Aries), the IT Guy. Ken is a long time gamer with interests in many genre of games. Miniatures, board games, card games right on through to PC and Console games, they have all been a part of his interests over the years.

Ken is a great source of gaming information for the group and the main host of regular game nights with numerous gaming aids and electronic information/scoring displays surrounding the game table completely immersing you into the game at a different level.

Ken has over a decade of experience in IT and online security.

hillman3 Hillman (CaveRat) has officially joined the I Will Never Grow Up Gaming team as of April, 2015!  James is an extremely experienced gamer with roots in Roleplaying Games and Strategy games and brings a ton of new ideas and enthusiasm to the team.

Along with Ken he hopes to bring a series of great video reviews and inane ramblings to our YouTube Channel in 2016!

Hillman has over a decade of experience in IT and online security.

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